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    The process of taking Jack Rudy from a kitchen recipe to a serious product was an incredible challenge. I knew nothing of rules, regulations and approval processes before launching the LLC and digging in. It’s been amazing to look back at all we’ve accomplished over the last two years, and how the label has changed over that time. I was recently cleaning up our packing room and came across our very first bottle. The photo on the left is that bottle against our current label. On the right, you’ll see a snapshop from the official Jack Rudy Archivist, my dad, who has kept every iteration of every label. That collection has grown by two since the photo was taken, as we’ve added a Spanish label for our Spanish distributor, as well as the label that now reads, “Handcrafted in the South.”



    We are actually in the process of a few small tweaks, as we get closer to launching some other products. Stay tuned as the Jack Rudy archives grow.