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    Next time you find yourself in Statesboro make sure 441 is your first stop for all things food and drink. Cheers to chef/owner Seni and his whole team!

    441 Public Kitchen & Bar in Statesboro, GA is about the closest thing there is to a perfect customer. They have not only managed to integrate every single one of our products into their cocktail list, but also use our bar tools in crafting all those beautiful creations. Pictured below are:

    “Broken Barrel”
    – .75 oz. bacardi superior
    – .75 oz. bacardi gold
    – .75 oz. bacardi black
    – .75 oz. lime juice
    – .5 oz. velvet falernum
    – 1 oz. jack rudy’s grenadine

    combine all ingredients in a shaker tin. add ice, shake until cold. pour entire contents into a collins glass. garnish with a lime wheel & jack rudy’s bourbon cherry

    “The Mae Flower”
    – 1.5 oz Plymouth gin
    – .5 oz st Germaine
    – .5 oz velvet falernum
    – .75 oz elderflower tonic
    – 2 dashes of lavender bitters

    Combine all ingredients in shaker tin and stir with ice. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a orange twist

    “That’s a Gin & Tonic”
    – 1.5 oz Glorious gin
    – .75 oz Jack Rudy tonic
    – 3 oz soda water
    – lime wedge

    Place 5 solid ice cubes in a rocks glass. Squeeze lime wedge on the ice and drop in glass. Add gin then tonic and top with soda. Toss into a shaker tin then back into glass and enjoy.

    “Sunday Sipper”
    – 2 oz Ridgemont 1792 bourbon
    – 1 oz Jack Rudy sweet tea syrup
    – .5 oz lemon juice
    – 2 dashes angostura bitters

    Fill a Collins glass with crushed ice. Add all ingredients, top with soda water. Toss once in a shaker tin. Garnish with a lemon wheel.