The PDT Cocktail Book



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Our dear friend Jim Meehan is the proprietor of Please Don’t Tell, one of the world’s leading cocktail bars, where Jack Rudy products are used with pride. Along with illustrations from Chris Gall, Jim authored a must-have guide to creating high quality craft cocktails at home.

This book includes 304 cocktail recipes that have been served at PDT since its inception, as well as Jim’s insider secrets: what booze to buy, what tools to use – even how to design a bar. The book is beautifully designed and brilliantly printed. It will be as comfortable on your home bar as it is in your home library.

If you’re new to cocktails and want to learn from the best – this book is for you.

If you’ve long been a lover of great drinks and want to dig deeper into instruction from one of the greats – this book is for you.