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Thank you so much for visiting our site, and for taking a look at this information. We're hoping that this will answer your questions. If not, shoot us a line at info@jackrudycocktailco.com and we'll get back to you ASAP. 

 Cheers! Team Jack Rudy

Warehouse Safety and Shipment Delays
Order shipments in general are a little bit delayed. More folks are ordering from our website because favorite restaurants and stores are closed, so we're shipping out more boxes than usual.
In an effort to ensure the safety and health of our team, we are limiting the number of people occupying space together, as well as how close together the workspaces are. Call it internal social distancing. These precautions are making our fulfillment area less efficient and our crew move more slowly than usual. More orders + reduced processing ability = shipment delays.
Anticipate at least two and up to six business days before your order ships. 
Out-of-Stock Items
We transfer our wares from a main storage warehouse to our fulfillment team weekly, and may occasionally have items out-of-stock on our website. These are temporary, and just based on what we have immediately on hand to ship. If you see an item out-of-stock, check back on the following Monday or Tuesday and it will most likely be available again. 
We also produce in small batches, which is one reason our products taste so damned good. We keep a tight production schedule to ensure we're shipping the freshest possible product. Occasionally we see unanticipated sales spikes with specific items, which throws off our projections and results in temporary shortages. Case in point - currently our Extra Bitter Tonic is selling at a much higher rate than usual, so we've added production dates to account for the change in demand.
Quinine Concentration:
The FDA guidelines dictate that consumer products contain less than 83 ppm of quinine. That is a scalable measurement, and we take it very seriously. Our Tonic Syrups and Tonic Water as bottled meet these guidelines.
We won't share specific quinine concentrations or mg/bottle because that information is proprietary to our recipes.
No, quinine is not the same as hydroxychlorine
Yes - hydroxychloroquine and quinine are both used in anti-malarial drugs. However, while hydroxychloroquine is based on the chemical structure of quinine, it is not the same as the quinine that we use in our Tonic Syrups and Tonic Water. Our quinine is naturally derived from the bark of the Cinchona tree, while hydroxychloroquine is a synthetically manufactured drug designed to treat malaria.
Further, there is no proven scientific evidence that either quinine or hydroxychloroquine can treat or protect you from COVID-19. We like to believe our tonics will "cure what ails you" in an abstract and delicious way, definitely not a medical way. These products are designed for consumer enjoyment and not medical use. 
Cheers to you and yours from all of us.

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